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Accommodation prices

Hotel: In spacious and cosy hotel rooms there are all conveniences.
Inn: In the rooms there are no conveniences, toilets are on the corridor.
Ämmilä: Upstairs of another house with four alcoves and own toilet. No conveniences.
Inn and Ämmilä: Showers and saunas in the main hotel building. Available March– September.

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Room prices include breakfast and sauna in the evening

Prices € / night / room       
1 person 90 € 60 €
persons 120 90
persons 150 120
4 persons 180 150
5 persons 210 180
6 persons 240 210
7 persons (Ämmilä)   240
persons (Ämmilä)   270


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Dinner from buffet is served during winter, spring and autumn highest seasons – please ask for the more specific dates.
You get a good discount when booking a week with halfboard through us.

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Self-made proviants  9 € / day / person, 49 € / week / person
(Own thermos bottle. Max. 4 slices of bread, 0,5l hot drinks, 2 fruits)

Day cleaning Clean towels, more toilet paper, making the beds, emptying the bins, dusting
15 € / day / single/twin room. 20 / day / triple/quadruple room.
Need to be reserved when making the reservation.

Children 0-12 years -50 %

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Reservation terms and conditions Hetan Majatalo Oy

All rights reserved.

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Wir würden uns freuen, Sie bald als Gast begrüssen zu dürfen! ❤️
You can book a room by e-mailing us info@hetan-majatalo.fi or calling +358 16 554 0400 and you get the best price. You can make a booking for a shorter stay here. Please notice that all of our room types or availability are not on the booking systems so it is always best to contact us directly. Then you can also get the discount for a longer stay or package with halfboard.
Herzlich Willkommen! ❤️



We help you with pleasure with planning your trip to Enontekiö and our familyhotel. Please do not hesitate to ask for more information.
See you! ❤️

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