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We have lots of things to do, see and experience here

Here are some examples;

  • Visit to Fell Lapland Visitor Centre
  • Visit to Church of Hetta
  • Visit to Local history museum
  • Walk to Hill Jyppyrä
  • Visit to Hill Paljasselkä
  • Visit to bird watching towers of Yrjö Kokko and Sotkajärvi
  • Hiking / skiing trips to Fell Ounastunturi / Pyhäkero, Pahtajärvi, Ullatieva, Näkkälä, Pöyrisjärvi, Hietajärvi, Kalmankaltio…
  • Different kinds of snowmobile safaris
  • Different kinds of husky safaris
  • Visit to reindeer farm, husky farm or Snow Castle
  • Snow shoeing, ice-fishing, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing
  • Water activities
  • Joik show (Sámi singing) and evening in the Lapp hut
  • Making a Sámi silver jewellery or a Lappish souvenir
  • Watching the Northern Lights / Midnight sun
  • Day trips to Kautokeino, Alta and Skibotn in Norway, Kilpisjärvi, Pallas…

Probably the most traditional way to spend a day in the RealLapland goes like this:

After a sumptuous breakfast a moment of rest and preparing for the day’s skiing or hiking. They say that one can travel a very long tour with Hetan Majatalo’s breakfast. Could be, but no matter how filled one is, outdoor lunch in the nature tastes always the best.

After a shorter trip or after a day up in the fells it is a time for some spoiling: Sauna and Hetan Majatalo’s famous home-made food. You may hear about it, but the food itself is much more than the stories.

There are number of ways to spend the evening: Getting to know the village of Hetta or spoiling oneself in different ways.
Evening activities are available or you can go into the Hetan Majatalo’s kota, Lapp hut. If you decided earlier not to go to sauna, now it is the perfect time for that.

In Hotel Hetan Majatalo all the activities and the atmosphere are surrounded by the characteristics that make the visitors to return again and again to the RealLapland: cosiness and warmth.

We help you with pleasure with planning an unforgettable trip for you. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Ounaksen Tunturiladut – map of the cross-country skiing tracks

Pictures of winter and spring in Enontekiö

Pictures of summer and autumn in Enontekiö

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