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The present day Hetan Majatalo consists of an old-time, traditional guest house and a high-quality hotel with 27 rooms for 2-6 persons. As a speciality, hotel rooms have a loft with a skylight window and sufficient space.


Hotel rooms

The hotel rooms have all the conveniences: toilet, shower, television, radio, mini fridge, drying closet, kettle, hair dryer and comfortable beds for 2-6 persons.

Most of the rooms have second floor with two beds and a skylight window. Thus all of the rooms have enough space for 1-6 persons.

Two rooms are made specially for the needs of handicapped persons.

WiFi works in all the hotel rooms.


The guest house

The guest house has seven traditional rooms upstairs. Especially hikers and youth groups find the guest house a pleasant place to spend a night or more. The house was built in the beginning of 1950s and we have kept most of the decoration from that period.

In the rooms there are no conveniences, only beds and a small table and wardrobe. Guest house rooms are idyllic and warm and if the walls could talk there would be many stories to tell..

Two toilets are on the corridor.
Showers and saunas are in another building.

Rooms are upstairs of the white house / dining room and they are available (March/) June-September.

Guest house floor plan


Ämmilä = Grandmother’s house has 8 beds for travellers. Also Ämmilä was built in the beginning of 1950s and we have kept most of the decoration from that period. 

Beds are upstairs in four tiny alcoves and there is a toilet but no other conveniences.

Showers and saunas are in another building. Ämmilä is bookable (March/) June-September.


It would be great to have you as our guest! ❤️
You can book a room by e-mailing us or calling +358 16 554 0400 and you get the best price. You can make a booking for a shorter stay here. Please notice that all of our room types or availability are not on the booking systems so it is always best to contact us directly. Then you can also get the discount for a longer stay or package with halfboard.
Welcome! ❤️


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