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Host family

Sharing smiles and giving an unforgettable vacation to a guest is not only a long-lasted tradition, it is also a very pleasant hobby.


Tuula is the manager of Majatalo. She was together with Matti Vuontisjärvi for 30 years before he passed away 2012. Tuula knows everything in Majatalo, and she takes care of everything in Majatalo from bookkeeping to changing gas bottles. Her mother in law Maija has taught her the secrets of kitchen and hosting. With these skills, a big heart and with her persistent personality Tuula has gone through difficult times and is now the heart of Majatalo’s kitchen. Tuula and Matti got the Enontekiö’s enterpriser of the year -award in 1999.


The daughter of the house, the “little manager” as she used to call herself with her father Matti, is now continuing the work of her family in the 4th generation. Tiina wishes to keep up the Majatalo’s traditions the next 95 years too, as successfully as these past 95 years have been. Tiina takes care of the hotel; the reception, marketing, guided trips etc. She loves her work and proudly keeps up the long traditions of her family’s business and way of life. She is really happy that she is able work together with her dear mother and wonderful husband. There are no news about the fifth generation, yet but hopefully some day…


Tiina’s husband Petri is nowadays a big part of Majatalo’s daily life. He is a chef, a bartender, a receptionist, a handy man… He is a real Jack-of-all-trades. He has been together with Tiina since 2004 and they got married in 2014. He is also attached to Majatalo and likes this way of life.

Oili, Anna and Rauha

These three lovely ladies have been working at Majatalo already from 1989 / 1999 / 2008. They tidy up the places and help in the kitchen.

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