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Hotel Hetan Majatalo – already over 90 cosy years

Hotel Hetan Majatalo is Lapland’s oldest business in tourism owned and directed by the same family and it is now into the fourth generation. The present day Hetan Majatalo is a high-quality hotel even though it is cosy and traditional. Hetan Majatalo is widely known of its sumptuous traditional buffet and its hospitable and personal service of the host family.

In a nice and oldish dining room you can feel the history of Majatalo and taste different kinds of Finnish and Lappish food which are home-made and tasty. Time in Majatalo goes by in a cosy living room with the host family, in sauna, in a well-equipped fitness room, in hotel’s little library or in hotel’s Lapp hut where watching the fire you may lose the sense of time.

Majatalo’s quests has been almost without exception very grateful and pleased with the whole package of Majatalo and they would like to come back some day. In Finland we call this ‘lapinhulluus’, lappsanity.

The host family gets very much joy and enthusiasm of the pleased guests and this makes their way of life very rewarding. Guests can sense this joy on their holiday.


– 27 spacious hotel rooms for 2-6 persons
– Hotel built 1988 / 2000
– Cheaper rooms in the traditional guest house
– Guest house / dining room built: 1949
– Location right in the centre of Hetta / Enontekiö, 200 meters from the main road
– Languages used: Finnish, English, German, Swedish, Norwegian



Enontekiö – RealLapland

Enontekiö is located in the northernmost Finland and is also one of Finland ’s most sparsely populated and most genuine regions. More than 60 % of all Finnish fells are located in Enontekiö. This beautiful region is blessed with arctic flat-top mountains and large wilderness areas. The endless expanses of wilderness encompass the visitor with peace and silence.

Enontekiö is part of Sámi Homeland area. The church village of Enontekiö (also called Hetta), situated on the shore of Ounasjärvi Lake, has lost very little of its original character. Enontekiö is still an authentic village without mass tourism and that is why visitors in Enontekiö feel like family friends of the locals. Genuine hospitality is part of the local everyday life. In Enontekiö we still follow a traditional and peaceful way of life, which only few can nowadays boast of. Though Enontekiö is a small and authentic village we have all kinds of activities you want to experience in Lapland and even lots of more of which you can’t even imagine.

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