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Hetan Majatalo Oy
P.O Box 1 / Riekontie 8
FI – 99401 Enontekiö

Tel. +358 16 554 0400

VAT number FI-06756490

WhatsApp +358 40 667 4653

Skype hetanmajatalo

Snapchat majatalo

0400 124 185

+358 40 911 3351

Contact Form


Wir würden uns freuen, Sie bald als Gast begrüssen zu dürfen! ❤️
You can book a room by e-mailing us info@hetan-majatalo.fi or calling +358 16 554 0400 and you get the best price. You can make a booking for a shorter stay here. Please notice that all of our room types or availability are not on the booking systems so it is always best to contact us directly. Then you can also get the discount for a longer stay or package with halfboard.
Herzlich Willkommen! ❤️

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