Traditional Finnish wood-heated sauna

Familyhotel Hetan Majatalo which is already in the 4th generation has a traditional Finnish wood-heated sauna built in the 1950’s



Our old sauna is a nostalgic place where you can enjoy of the warmth and relax by the fire place.
Long time ago in our guesthouse it was the only place to wash yourself.

The sauna has a dressing room with a fireplace where you can for example fry traditional sauna snack, sausage.
There is a room where you can wash yourself with fresh Lappish water (no running water in the sauna but like in the old days the water is carried in buckets from outside and warmed up in a big pot).
The hot room has really good sauna stove and after the sauna you can cool down on the balcony.
The old wood-heated sauna is in use in spring, summer and autumn.

* for Majatalo’s guests the privat use is
40 € / 2 hours + 6 € / person

* for tourists coming elsewhere the privat use is
60 € / 2 hours + 8 € / person
Rental of a towel is 3 € / person
Shower under running water in the hotel 5 € / person

Please book the sauna session a day in advance, thank you.

We very much welcome you to Lapland, the RealLapland and our family hotel  to experience the traditional way of bathing and relaxing!

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